Mobile Air Conditioners

Mobile Air Conditioners

Heuch manufacture a series of lightweight mobile air conditioning equipment, designed for Australian roads and ambient extremes.

Each component as been selected for its suitability to withstand the stresses found on off road vehicles used over rugged terrain.

Equipment strengths and options include:

  • Light weight welded aluminium chassis
  • Light weight aluminium access panels
  • Unloading refrigeration system for continuous operation
  • Modular construction
  • High efficiency heat exchangers
  • High volume air circulation fans suitable for ducted connections
  • Remote control console with umbilical cord
  • Low ambient temperature control

Equipment can be configured upon request in single or multiple zones, one piece or as a split system. The units consist of three main components; an evaporator housing, an air cooled condensing unit assembly and an electrical assembly.

The ADGE series units can be specified with a 100% cooling unloading capability built into the system. This allows the refrigeration compressor to run continuously once cooling is selected. This assist in the reduction of transient power fluctuations caused by the stopping and starting of the compressor motors.


GeneralA one-piece lightweight air conditioning system also suitable for split operation
Cooling Capacity5.6 kW @ 48°c, 22°c return air temp
Heating Capacity3.75 kW
Power Requirements415VAC, 50Hz, 3 Wire + Earth
Operating TemperatureMax 55°c, Min -15°c
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    Mobile Air Conditioners
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