Vacuum Cooling

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Vacuum Cooling for Bread & Bakery

Experience unparalleled freshness and efficiency with Heuch’s advanced vacuum coolers, meticulously crafted for the Australian bakery sector. We've joined forces with master bakers from all over the world to introduce an affordable and efficient range of vacuum coolers, perfect for the unique demands of the Australian bakery industry. Dive into a world where tradition meets innovation and experience the Vacuum Cooling difference.

The Essence of Vacuum Cooling

Vacuum cooling isn't merely a cooling technique; it's a transformative extension of the traditional baking process. By shifting the concluding 20-40% of your baking time to the vacuum cooler, your baked goods undergo a distinctive process. As chamber pressure diminishes, the boiling point of water drops, leading to moisture evaporation from the bread. This dual action of baking while cooling ensures your products are of the highest Australian standard, both in taste and texture.

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Tangible Benefits for Aussie Bakeries

Quality Enhancement: Elevate the standard of your crust, achieve a consistently soft texture, and enhance the overall crispness, ensuring your products stand out in the competitive Australian market.
Longevity and Freshness: With our technology, reduce bacterial growth, ensuring your products stay fresh longer, catering to the Australian consumer’s demand for prolonged freshness.
Economic Upsides: Boost productivity, save on energy, optimise space, and cut down on overall investment, ensuring your bakery thrives in the dynamic Australian economy.

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Our Expertise in Vacuum Baking

Heuch Cooling proudly presents specialised Vacuum Baking Experience Centres, with a potential future expansion in Australia. These hubs, equipped with state-of-the-art demo bakeries and master vacuum bakers, offer an unmatched level of service and expertise, ensuring Australian bakers receive top-tier guidance and support in the realm of vacuum baking.
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Product Specific Advantages for the Australian Market

Buns & Rolls: Perfect for the Australian café culture, achieve optimal results with our WeBake ECO vacuum cooler, designed for swift and efficient cooling.

Gluten-free Products: Cater to the growing Australian demand for gluten-free products with enhanced quality, longer shelf life, and the potential for increased sales volume using the WeBake POWER vacuum cooler.

Biscuits & Toast: Ideal for the classic Australian breakfast, benefit from reduced moisture and cost savings with our bespoke vacuum cooling solutions.
Cake: With the Australian love for baked goods, enjoy faster baking times, reduced ingredient usage, and superior product quality with vacuum cooling.

Vacuum Cooling’s Ascendancy in Australia

Discover how vacuum cooling is set to redefine the Australian baking landscape by enhancing product quality, extending shelf life, and optimising costs. Heuch Cooling’s unwavering commitment to making vacuum cooling both affordable and accessible is evident through our extensive research, potential Australian experience centres, and a robust network of local partners.

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Custom made solutions Available


“Integrating Weber’s vacuum cooling system has been transformative for our bakery. We’ve seen remarkable improvements in product quality and efficiency. It’s a game-changer, allowing us to produce more in less time and significantly reducing our energy costs. Truly a revolution for our business.”

— Ray Johns, Owner of The Red Hill Baker

Seamless Implementation & Unwavering Support

Heuch Cooling is wholeheartedly committed to ensuring the flawless integration of our vacuum cooling systems into your Australian bakery setup. From potential invitations to our experience centres to hands-on testing at your bakery, we offer end-to-end support tailored for the Australian market. Our master bakers are here to guide you in refining your workflow and deepening your understanding of vacuum baking.

Affordability Meets Excellence

Distinct from other suppliers, our sole focus is on vacuum coolers. Our large-scale production, innovative design, and passion for learning have empowered us to offer a range of bread vacuum coolers that cater to all bakery needs, all while being incredibly cost-effective for the Australian market.