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Uninterrupted Facility Performance Through Strategic Maintenance Solutions

Driven by three core principles, our programmed maintenance service is tailored for your facility, ensuring minimal downtime. Through efficient performance management, we optimize processes and minimize energy usage. With a focus on predictive maintenance, our goal is to maximize uptime, guaranteeing uninterrupted operations year-round.

We offer maintenance technicians nationally across Australia, plus specific international destinations with technicians for industrial and commercial refrigeration services, air conditioning services, solar energy service, heating and cooling services as well as breakdown services.

Programmed maintenance scheduling allows us to come in and assess the efficiencies of all machinery to ensure you have the longest useful life on your equipment. It is a condition driven preventative maintenance program. We look at several indicators to determine current efficiencies and potential loss of productivity that could be detrimental to your plant operations and critical systems.

If in the event of a machine failure, we have 24 hour, 365 days a year breakdown services to ensure your facility is operational as quick as possible.

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At Heuch we are guided by our three maintenance management philosophies
Programmed Maintenance
Preventative Maintenance will result in minimum downtime.
efficient performance management
Efficient Performance Management will result in optimised processes and energy minimisation.
Programmed Maintenance
Predictive Maintenance will result in maximum uptime.