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Coastal Off-shore Container Refrigeration

We manufacture specialised containers including models for of-shore platform supply and re-supply. The containers are designed to be stocked on shore and then delivered to off-shore platforms on a revolving cycle.

Continuous refrigeration is provided whenever the container is connect to a suitable power supply. The flexible and forgiving capacity of the Heuch Coastal Tricons allows for seamless operation on either 50Hz and 60Hz power supplies from 3442 to 500 volts. This allows the containers to move between the 50Hz shore and platform based power systems to the 60Hz platform supply vessels (PSV) without a hitch.

The Heuch Coastal Tricon containers allows a PSV to stand off a platform during foul weather and await a more suitable window without loss of refrigerated supplies. Once in place on the platform, the container functions as a refrigerated storage facility.

The unit is purpose built to provide user selectable operation for use a a chiller +4°c or a freezer -18°c in ambients up to +40°c. The design features a full reverse cycle defrost system with componentry selected to minimise maintenance requirements and to operate at maximum efficiency at both ends of its operational range.

It is specifically manufactured for an off-shore food / stores transit system and operation in a Hazardous Class 1 Zone 1 Group @B Temp T4 area IP65.

The container shell is built and tested to Lloyds Register of Shipping requirements and certification to the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) MSC/Circ.860 “Guidelines for the approval of off-shore containers handled in open sea” is available.

Heuch’s Coastal Tricon is configured to be inherently stable by careful location of major mass components as close to the deck as possible. This provides for a low centre of gravity which resists toppling when loading and unloading on a rolling tender vessel deck.

Location of critical components well above the base also provides inherent protection against desk wash typically found during PSV operations.

The interior lining of the container is fully seal welded 216 stainless steel which provides corrosion resistant and ease of cleaning. The basic container can be fitted with an array of options to suit the particular characteristics of individual operation requirements. The exterior finish of the standard container is Water Borne Zinc with alternative finishes available on request.

Equipment can be configured upon request in single or multiple zones, one piece or as a split system.

The units can be specified with a 100% cooling unloading capability built into the system. This allows the refrigeration oppressor to run continuously once cooling is selected. This assists in the reduction of transient power fluctuations caused by the stopping and started of the compressor motors which be be useful on weaker or heavily loaded supplies.

All electrical connections between major components utilise rugged disconnect plugs. The coastal triton is a derivative of aa local concept designed and conceived by Defence Force personnel and Heuch engineers to provide a simple, rugged solution for reliable deployment into remote areas.

When placed into storage in standby mode the unit utilises a battery monitoring system to hold the unit ready for immediate action.

The shell may be constructed from a variety of materials and is suitable for air transportation in stand alone configuration and may also be carried by approved slings under suitable aircraft.

When suitable power supply is connected the Coastal Tricon may be operated whilst mounted on the rear of wheeled transport or statically when mounted for base area operations or sea transportation.

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    Esso Australia - Coastal Offshore Container Refrigeration
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