RAAF - Utility Tricon Containerised Coolroom

RAAF - Utility Tricon Containerised Coolroom
Raaf – Heuch Utility Tricon

Heuch have been operating alongside the Australian Defence Force since 1970 and one of the many projects commissioned was the Heuch Utility Tricon The Heuch Utility Tricon is designed for flexible support of personnel in remote areas and can be tailored to cover a range of uses and requirements dependent upon use and environment.

The on-board 415-volt marine generator is powered by a Yammar 3 cylinder water cooled diesel engine direct coupled to an 11 kVA brushless alternator. The generator may be switched between providing power for the on-board refrigeration system or providing a useful 415 volts, 15 amp power outlet for other appliances and lighting.

The Heuch Utilty Tricon contains sufficient fuel in the gravity fed fuel tank to operate for three days under normal conditions without refuelling. During operations where grid power is available the Heuch Utility Tricon refrigeration service can be switched across to the new power source.

The three major mechanical groups in the Tricon are designed for modular assembly and rapid removal by a minimum of personnel with basic tools. All electrical connections between major components utilise rigged disconnect plugs. The Tricon was designed and conceived by Defence Force personnel and Heuch engineers to provide a simple, rugged solution for fast deployment into remote areas.

When placed into storage in standby mode, the Heuch Utility Tricon utilises a battery monitoring system to hold the unit ready for immediate deployment.

The Tricon conforms to ISO 1E configuration and may be constructed from a variety of materials, including marine grade aluminium. The Tricon is suitable for air transportation in stand-alone configurations and may also be carried by approved slings under suitable aircrafts. The utility unit may also be operated whilst mounted on the rear of wheeled transport or statically when mounted for base area operations or sea transportation.

The equipment composes of two main “cassette” assemblies to enable an easy changeover of components for replacement and repair in the field or base workshop. The container shell includes a roof access ladder, access ramp and internal lighting.

Options that can be customised in the Heuch Utility Tricon:

  • Internal shelving
  • Sections for two temperature operation – Internal, insulated dividing panel and thermostatically controlled fan kit to move air between the two sections.
  • Separate freezer cabinet – a separate cabinet with thermostatically controlled refrigeration circuit.
  • Alternative paint types and finishes
  • Solar or diesel and electric hybrid available
  • Marinised
  • Chart Recorders
  • Data logging
  • Fault alarms
  • Product restraining nets
  • Product drawers
  • Lockable drug safe
  • External lighting
  • Container certification for overseas operations
  • Certified lifting slings
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    RAAF - Utility Tricon Containerised Coolroom
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