As a leader in specialist cooling solutions, Heuch is able to supply full cold-chain solutions and equipment for ready-food, baked food, vegetables, fruits and fresh cut flowers. We help our customer to preserve their produce from field and kitchen, to the consumer.


Blast freezing is a process of rapidly freezing food items using a blast freezer. This technique is highly popular in the food industry, especially for high-value produce such as fish and meat. The mobile blast freezer is a high-capacity solution that helps maintain food quality by freezing food items rapidly.

Vacuum cooling is a process of cooling food items by reducing the pressure around them. This technique is used to cool down food items quickly and efficiently. It is commonly used in the food industry to cool down vegetables, fruits, and other perishable items. Vacuum cooling is an energy-efficient and eco-friendly method of cooling food items.

Ice makers are machines that produce ice cubes or crushed ice. They are commonly used in households, restaurants, and other food establishments. Ice makers come in different sizes and capacities. Some ice makers are portable and can be used outdoors. They are also available in different shapes and sizes, such as bullet-shaped, crescent-shaped, and square-shaped.

Ripening rooms are used to ripen exotic fruits such as bananas, avocados, and citrus fruits. These rooms use controlled atmospheres to ripen fruits. They can be dedicated to ripening only for maximum energy efficiency or a hybrid style for process cooling, storage, and ripening within the one multi-use facility. There are key areas that should be considered when considering the design of a ripening room, such as gas tightness, insulation, air circulation, ventilation, and temperature control systems.

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