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Heuch offer a wide range of solutions for your cold chain transport needs. With items that range from power free refrigerated boxes to solar/battery powered refrigerated trucks, these items are designed to cut down your carbon emissions, while at the same time saving you money and increasing efficiency for your trucking routes.

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Refrigerated transport is a shipment that requires its temperature to be controlled, monitored, and maintained within specific limits. It can refer to truck, rail, ocean, and air freight. The most common products that require refrigerated transport are food, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. In refrigerated transport, temperature control falls into the following categories:

  • Pharmaceutical: Can be kept as low as -78°C
  • Frozen: Must be kept at -23°C
  • Refrigerated: Typically kept at 0-2°C
  • Heated/maintained: In winter, the reefer can act as a heater to maintain the temperature of sensitive goods.

We originally began our manufacturing and servicing career for the transport industry in 1970, before diversifying into various other industries. This proud legacy continues today as we still specialise in the transport industry with our refrigeration services for manufacturing and production, but have also expanded into ruggedised equipment for the Australian Defence Force.

We understand that in the transport industry, every minute and every kilowatt counts.

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Pharmaceuticals: Cold chain transport is essential for the safe and effective transportation of vaccines, blood products, and other temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals. Vaccines can lose their efficacy if cold chain management fails.

Food and Beverages: Cold chain transport is used to transport perishable food items such as fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, dairy products, bakery and confectionery items, and processed food. The cold chain helps to maintain the quality and safety of these products by preventing spoilage, bacterial growth, and other forms of contamination.

Retail: Retailers use cold chain transport to ensure that their products are delivered to customers in optimal condition. This includes perishable food items as well as other temperature-sensitive products such as flowers and cosmetics.

Hospitality: Hotels, restaurants, and catering services use cold chain transport to maintain the quality of their food items. This includes both raw ingredients as well as prepared dishes that need to be transported from one location to another.

Wholesalers: Wholesalers use cold chain transport to ensure that their products are delivered to retailers in optimal condition. This includes perishable food items as well as other temperature-sensitive products such as flowers and cosmetics.

Importers and Traders: Importers and traders use cold chain transport to import/export perishable goods such as fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, dairy products, bakery and confectionery items, and processed food. The cold chain helps to maintain the quality and safety of these products during transit.

Products in the industry

There are different ways to move your precious cold chain cargo. Some of the common types are:

Transport freezer/cold boxes: Transport freezer boxes are a type of container that are used to transport frozen goods. These containers are equipped with advanced refrigeration units that are capable of maintaining the correct temperature levels and product freshness during transportation.

Electric refrigerated trailers/containers: Electric refrigerated containers are a type of shipping container that are used to transport goods that require temperature control. They are equipped with an electric cooling system that is powered by mains power, battery and solar. By eliminate expensive fossil fuels, electric reefers save tonnes of CO2 each year, and have a low total cost of ownership.

Diesel refrigerated trailers/containers: Diesel refrigerated containers are a type of shipping container that is used to transport perishable goods over long distances. These containers are equipped with a refrigeration unit that is powered by a diesel generator set. The use of diesel generators means that regular maintenance is required, and with the high cost of fuel, can become quite expensive to run.

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Superior Refrigerated Transport Systems at Heuch

As industry experts, Heuch offers refrigerated transport systems that support the demands of our various clients across Australia. Our legacy in the transport industry spans over 50 years, so we understand refrigerated solutions in terms of manufacturing, production, and keeping equipment in good condition.

When investing in refrigerated transport systems, you want industry-standard, trustworthy systems. One of our flagship achievements includes our work for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), where we developed temperature controls that are reliable on the go.

Customised Refrigerated Solutions for Your Business

At Heuch, we understand that no two businesses are alike, and as such, your refrigeration needs are unique. Therefore, we have developed a bespoke approach to each project we undertake. We craft our refrigerated transport systems to match your exact specifications, ensuring that you get the best possible performance at all times.

We leverage our extensive experience in the field to conceive and deliver solutions that are fit for a variety of business applications. Whether it’s for food transport, beverages, medicinal goods, or precious works of art, you can count on Heuch for reliable, efficient, and secure refrigerated transport systems.

Battery and Solar Powered Refrigerated Trailers – Decarbonise The Cold Chain Industry

Transporting food and medicine that need to stay cold requires refrigerated trucks, but they use a lot of diesel and produce a lot of CO2. A new solution is to use trucks that run on solar and battery power, which can make cold chain transportation more eco-friendly.

Solar and battery powered refrigerated trucks can lower the operating cost of a diesel refrigerator by up to 90%. They can also shrink the carbon footprint of a fleet by up to 9 tonnes of CO2 for each vehicle, every year. These trucks can also keep the goods cool for longer, as the solar panels can charge the battery system when the truck is stopped or moving. This can make the goods better and safer, and also prevent food from going bad.

Why Choose Heuch for Refrigerated Transport Systems?

Quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction are some of the most important factors, but what makes us stand out?

  • Proven Competency: With over five decades in the industry, we have a rich history of providing high-quality refrigerated transport systems and services to our clients.
  • Innovative Solutions: We stay ahead of emerging industry trends to develop refrigerated options that improve your business operations.
  • Client-Centred Approach: We prioritise your business needs and preferences, guiding our services to deliver exceptional value.
  • Reliable Support: We don’t just provide products; we also offer comprehensive support for maintenance and technical enquiries.

How to Select the Right Refrigerated Transport System?

Choosing an adequate refrigerated transport system involves considering your unique business needs and the industry you operate in. Firstly, evaluate your temperature requirements. Different goods require different temperature levels; perishable goods will require a different refrigerated transport system compared to medical supplies.

Next, consider the size of the system you need. Factor in your goods’ quantity, size, and how frequently you transport them. Lastly, check the reliability and reputation of your chosen supplier. It’s crucial to choose a supplier that provides quality systems and excellent after-sales service.

Refrigerated Solutions – Contact Heuch Today

Are you in search of superior refrigerated transport systems that perfectly suit your needs? Reach out to Heuch today for top-quality refrigerated transport systems designed to effectively support your business.

For more information, call us on 03 9793 6088. Backed by our experience and commitment, you can expect nothing but top-notch service and delivery from our dedicated team at Heuch.

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  • Pharmaceutical transport
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Frequently Asked Questions for Refrigerated Transport Systems at Heuch

What makes Heuch a reliable choice for refrigerated transport systems?

With over five decades of industry experience, Heuch stands out with its exceptional customer support. Our refrigerated transport systems are preferred by diverse businesses across Australia due to our powerful commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

What type of businesses can benefit from Heuch's refrigerated transport systems?

Heuch caters to a vast range of businesses, including those in manufacturing, production, and ruggedised equipment. Our refrigerated transport systems are suitable for transporting different goods such as food, beverages, medicinal supplies, and precious works of art.

Can Heuch create a custom refrigerated transport system to match my specific needs?

Yes. At Heuch, we understand that every business has unique refrigeration needs. Therefore, we develop customised refrigerated transport systems to fulfil your exact specifications, ensuring optimal performance at all times.

How does Heuch ensure the reliability of its refrigerated transport systems?

Heuch ensures the reliability of its systems by incorporating a four-zone temperature control mechanism with effective backup measures. We also back our products with comprehensive maintenance and technical support to ensure they always operate at their best.

How do I choose the right refrigerated transport system from Heuch?

Selecting a refrigerated transport system from Heuch involves evaluating your temperature requirements, considering the quantity and size of your goods, and analysing your transportation frequency. Our team can guide you through this process to ensure you choose the perfect fit for your business.