Heuch offer a wide range of solutions for specialist mining environmental control. With products that range from mining spec chillers to compressed air dryers, these products are designed to keep your mine site running 24/7 with minimal downtime.


Mining in Australia is a challenging and demanding industry, where equipment has to endure harsh conditions such as high temperatures and dust. That is why Heuch Cooling Solutions Mining range was created, to offer reliable and effective cooling solutions for your mining operations.

Overheating is a major cause of equipment failure, especially when the ambient temperature can reach over 50°C. Heuch’s mining Chillers are specially designed to cope with these extreme environments and ensure your equipment runs smoothly and efficiently. 

The Heuch mining range also includes Compressed Air Dryers. These mining spec air dryers work to keep moisture out of your processed air, while at the same time protecting your machinery from corrosion and premature failure.

Whether you need a standard or a customised solution, we have the right option for you to keep your equipment cool and dry and meet the high standards of this industry.

We have vast knowledge and experience in HVAC -R requirements in remote areas, high ambient temperature locations and uniquely harsh environments making us the perfect partner for your HVAC-R project within the mining sectors.

We want to keep our clients in business through seamless operations, reliability and serviceability. With our in-depth understanding of this industry and full support offerings throughout programmed maintenance services, we can ensure the longest useful life of your equipment regardless of whether it is offshore, above or underground.

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This Containerised Drive Chiller unit was provided to Västmanland, SWEDEN for a Drive Cooling application at a mine site in Rampura Agucha Province India in 2014.

The Heuch ISO-HABB Drive Chiller range is engineered to provide variable cooling capacity to water-cooled drives and heat exchanger assemblies.

The Drive Chillers are supplied as a packaged system for easy turnkey installation. The air-cooled refrigerated units consist of all equipment, instrumentation and auxiliary components required for safe and functional operation.

Mining Refrigeration Systems

Where water is scarce, mining refrigeration is key. Versatile and flexible, these refrigeration systems can operate with air cooled condensers and closed circuit evaporators in mining environments. At Heuch, we take pride in providing first-rate mining refrigeration systems to the industry, knowing how important vapour compression systems are to workers. Our cooling solutions have been engineered to withstand the harshest circumstances. In remote areas or high ambient temperature environments, our systems are designed to deliver reliable performance.

With 50 years of experience in HVAC-R, we can support you with your mining refrigeration considerations. Mining operation depends on its cooling capabilities, and to meet these demands, we offer motor cooling systems for mines to customisable refrigeration units.

Check out an article on Heuch’s cutting edge chiller range here.

Premier Cooling Systems for Mines in Australia

With the mining industry’s unique demands and risks, specialised cooling systems for mines are no longer a luxury, but a necessity. At Heuch, we offer high-quality, reliable mining cooling systems designed to ensure the well-being of your staff and the smooth operation of your equipment. We prevent the risk of equipment failure and improve overall mining productivity.

Heuch’s mining cooling systems assure reliable equipment performance, creating a safer working atmosphere. High temperature and humidity levels in mines can risk the health and safety of workers. With mine cooling solutions that can control these environmental risks, you can maintain a safe and comfortable working environment.

Superior Motor Cooling Systems for Mines in Australia

Avoiding costly repairs is important for your mining operation. As an often unpredictable working environment, you need only the best technology for ventilation and safety. Our designed motor cooling support to control the temperature of your mining equipment motors. We help extend their life, reduce maintenance needs, and increase performance on the job.

Heuch understands the need for reliable, robust, and efficient motor cooling solutions that can handle the mining industry’s harsh conditions. You don’t need to worry about equipment overheating.

Why Choose Heuch for Mining Refrigeration Systems?

Why should you trust as Heuch your trusted partner for safe mining refrigeration systems?

  • With over 50 years of industry experience, we have an understanding of the unique demands of the mining sector. Staying cool means staying safe.
  • We lower your operating costs with our energy-efficient and eco-friendly solutions.
  • Our award-winning technology and first-rate HVAC-R engineering solutions are trusted by industries in Australia.
  • Our programmed maintenance services make sure that your equipment lasts.
  • Our team is always dedicated to offering support at every step of the process.

For your mining refrigeration and cooling system needs in Australia, contact us at 03 9793 6088.

High-Performing Mining Refrigeration Systems

Maintaining the optimal performance of your mining refrigeration systems requires regular check-ups and maintenance. At Heuch, we offer programmed maintenance services that extend the useful life of your equipment.

If faced with an issue, our team of expert technicians is ready to assist and resolve the problem promptly, keeping your mining operations running.

With Heuch, experience more profitable mining operations with safer, comfortable work environments. Get in touch with us today at +61 3 9793 608 and experience the difference ourselves.

Air dryers in mining for increased efficiency and process control

Air dryers are devices that remove moisture from compressed air or gas streams. They are used in the mining industry for various purposes, such as:

Improving the efficiency and safety of pneumatic tools and equipment, which require clean and dry air to operate properly. Moisture can cause corrosion, wear, and malfunction of pneumatic components, leading to increased maintenance costs and downtime.

Preventing the formation of ice in pipelines and valves, which can block the flow of air or gas and cause damage or hazards. Air dryers can lower the dew point of the air or gas, which is the temperature at which condensation occurs.

Enhancing the quality and performance of mineral processing and refining operations, which involve drying, cooling, calcining, evaporation, crystallization, and emission control. Air dryers can provide precise control of temperature and humidity for optimal results.

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  • Minning compressed air dryer
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Frequently Asked Questions for Mining Refrigeration Systems in Australia

What makes Heuch's mining refrigeration systems stand out in Australia?

Heuch provides mining refrigeration systems, engineered to withstand the harshest conditions. With five decades of HVAC-R experience, they understand how these systems are necessary in mining, where water and cooling is scarce.

How do Heuch's cooling systems for mines improve the mining industry's overall productivity for industries in Australia?

Heuch offers high-quality cooling systems for mines designed to prevent the risk of equipment failure. These systems provide equipment performance and create safer working atmospheres by controlling high temperature and humidity levels in mines.

What are the benefits of Heuch's motor cooling systems for mine industries near Australia?

Heuch’s motor cooling systems control the temperature of mining equipment motors efficiently to extend their life, reduce maintenance needs, and enhance their overall performance, which can lead to higher operational efficiency and improved safety for mining operations.

Why should we choose Heuch for our mining refrigeration system needs in Australia?

Heuch has over 50 years of industry experience and a profound understanding of the mining sector’s unique demands. Their commitment to providing energy-efficient and eco-friendly solutions, trusted HVAC-R engineering solutions, and comprehensive maintenance services make them the optimal choice for mining refrigeration systems.

How does Heuch ensure the optimal performance of mining refrigeration systems in Australia?

Heuch offers comprehensive maintenance services to extend the life of your equipment on the job. Their team of expert technicians is ready to assist and resolve problems to keep your mining operations running.