Portable unpowered ultra-low temperature freezing for 3 weeks

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ArcticRx offers validated and easy-to-handle deep-freeze containers that provide reliable protection to high-value, life-saving medical products. Vital medicines require special safeguarding as they are transported from production sites to patients in need. 

ArcticRx's unpowered containers maintain stable temperature conditions for weeks, deflect shock absorption, and sustain steady protection under extreme conditions. These containers are designed to ensure that the efficacy of the medical products is not compromised during transportation. The containers are capable of maintaining a stable temperature for weeks, which is crucial for the safe transportation of vital medicines. The containers are also designed to deflect shock absorption, which helps protect the medical products from damage during transportation. 

Additionally, these containers are capable of sustaining steady protection under extreme conditions, which makes them ideal for use in harsh environments. ArcticRx's deep-freeze containers are an excellent choice for safeguarding high-value, life-saving medical products during transportation.

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  • The technology, ArcticRx, maintains stable -78°C (and other temps based on cooling agents) for 21+ days.
  • In 2022, ArcticRx received third party validation of the Rolls-Royce data and passed FedEx testing qualifying it for immediate international shipping.
  • Each pod has a built-in pallet base, can be opened throughout the 21+ days, offers placements for tracking data devices, provides an internal monitoring probe, is stackable, and fits through any international doorway.
  • ArcticRx can reach any corner of the world and will be especially effective in areas with limited or no electrical grids.
  • Varying external temperature zones have a minimal impact on performance which makes ArcticRx a solution for scenarios such as getting “stuck on a hot tarmac during processing”.
  • Tracking devices and wiring cavities are integrated into the design. Devices can be controlled to only transmit data updates as needed. Each pod can be adapted to use any existing current FAA approved IOT solution.
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Pharmaceutical: Ultra-low temperature (ULT) vaccine transport is a crucial aspect of the vaccination and pharmaceutical process. These products require storage at extremely low temperatures during shipment and storage after it arrives. The temperature should be maintained and recorded for the duration of the transport per temperature, and ensure that the transportation locations, dates and times, including the duration of time in transit are recorded.
Defence: When shipping temperature-sensitive freight, it is crucial to ensure that the items are kept at the correct temperature to prevent damage and loss of value. This is especially important for sensitive manufacturing parts that require a specific temperature range to maintain their integrity.
regional and rural aid
Regional and Rural Aid: Cold storage is an essential component of rural aid, especially for food and medicine. ArctiRx removes the need for access to power or ultra low temp refrigerators and freezers at site, which allows rural sites access to the same medical and food options as metropolitan areas.
Key Points
  • ArcticRx is a passive transport/storage pod maintaining stable temperatures as low as -78°C for 21 days (600 hours) with no battery or electricity.
  • Rapid deployment versions available
  • ArcticRx can eliminate the use of reefer trucks.
  • Empowers using any mode of transport from a truck on the farm to railroads, waterways, planes, trains, and boats.
  • ArcticRx eliminates spoilage and extends ULT transport by weeks.
  • Tracking and data technology are integrated into the design.
  • ISTA 3B and 7E testing verified ArcticRx’s durability and long-term ULT temperature stability in summer environments.
Product Comparison
ArcticRx+ Thermal Shipper ULT Freezer
No Styrofoam
ISTA Hours 700 Up to 100 N/A
ISTA Test Type 7E (highest standard) 7D N/A
Reusable Some
No Electricity/ Battery Some
Designed for ULT
Military Spec Outer N/A
Sustainable Materials
WHO Compliant Some
Cost $$ $$$ $$$$
Recharge 21+ Days 3-5 Days Constant Power
(6-hour Battery)
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Possible Uses
  • Others Uses:
  • MRNA -Vaccines and
  • Treatments
  • Monoclonal & Polyclonal
  • Antibodies
  • Biologics
  • Stem Cell Therapies
  • Blood Components
  • Organs / Tissue
  • Perishable Food
  • Dry-Ice Storage and Transport
  • Disaster Relief
  • Warfighter Support
  • Stockpile
  • Storage of other
  • Essential Medicines
Points of difference
  • Ultra low temperatures for long times.
  • Unpowered
  • Stable temperatures
  • Temperature logger
What We Offer
  • Eliminates spoilage
  • Rapid deployment
  • -78°C for 3 weeks
  • -78°C for 21 days
  • Tracking data
  • Vaccine refrigerated transport
  • Pharmaceutical refrigerated transport
  • Vaccine transport
  • Pharmaceutical transport