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Experience unparalleled efficiency and quality with Heuch’s advanced Mobile Blast Freezers, precisely engineered for diverse industries in Australia. As a leader in refrigeration technology, Heuch has collaborated with industry experts globally to bring a versatile and powerful range of Mobile Blast Freezers, tailored to meet the specific needs of the Australian market. Discover the blend of tradition and innovation with Heuch’s Mobile Blast Freezers.

The Essence of Mobile Blast Freezing

Mobile Blast Freezing is not just a method of rapid cooling; it’s a critical process in preserving quality and extending the shelf life of perishable goods. This method involves rapidly bringing down the temperature of products to their core, thus significantly slowing down bacterial growth and enzymatic reactions. This process is vital for maintaining the nutritional value, taste, and texture of products, making it a game-changer in the Australian industry.

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Tangible Benefits for Australian Industries
  • Quality Preservation: Ensures the freshness and quality of perishable goods are locked in immediately after production.
  • Shelf Life Extension: Significantly extends the shelf life of products, meeting the high standards of the Australian market.
  • Efficiency and Flexibility: Offers high cooling rates and the flexibility to be used in various locations, enhancing operational efficiency.
Our Expertise in Mobile Blast Freezing

Heuch presents its expertise in refrigeration with specialised Mobile Blast Freezing solutions. We are exploring the potential for dedicated experience centres in Australia. These centres will be equipped with demo units and will provide comprehensive support and guidance to Australian businesses.

Product-Specific Advantages for the Australian Market
  • Seafood and Meat: Essential for Australia’s seafood and meat industries, ensuring freshness and quality from source to market.
  • Dairy Products: Ideal for dairy items, maintaining texture and nutritional value.
  • Prepared Meals and Catering: Perfect for the fast-paced catering and prepared meal industry, offering quick and efficient cooling solutions.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Ensures vital pharmaceutical products are stored at precise temperatures, crucial for the health sector.
Mobile Blast Freezer’s Role in Australia

Explore how Mobile Blast Freezers are revolutionising the way Australian industries handle perishable goods. Heuch is committed to making this technology accessible and affordable, with continuous research and development, potential experience centres, and a strong network of local partners.

Model Temperature Range Freezing Amount(8h) Freezing Amount(12h) Freezing Amount(24h) Product Type Effective Loading Area Cooling Capacity
MBFHCS 5 +20/-40 °C 350 kg 520 kg 1040 kg Fish (Medium Size) 150 × 180 cm 5238 Watt
MBFHCS 8 +20/-40 °C 480 kg 720 kg 1440 kg Fish (Medium Size) 150 × 180 cm 7198 Watt
MBFHCS 10 +20/-40 °C 900 kg 1350 kg 2750 kg Fish (Medium Size) 190 × 150 cm 13280 Watt
MBFHCS 20 +20/-40 °C 1170 kg 1755 kg 3510 kg Fish (Medium Size) 190 × 300 cm 17550 Watt
MBFHCS 30 +20/-40 °C 2000 kg 3000 kg 6000 kg Fish (Medium Size) 190 × 485 cm 29000 Watt
MBFHCS 40 +20/-40 °C 2000 kg 3000 kg 6000 kg Fish (Medium Size) 214 × 840 cm 29000 Watt
MBFHCS 30 XL +20/-40 °C 3350 kg 5000 kg 10000kg Fish (Medium Size) 12 m² 47800 Watt
MBFHCS 40 XL +20/-40 °C 4000 kg 6000 kg 12000 kg Fish (Medium Size) 12 m² 58000 Watt
MBFHCS 40 XXL +20/-40 °C 5460 kg 8200 kg 16400 kg Fish (Medium Size) 8 m² 82000 Watt
Sea World Australia

Sea World Australia faced a critical challenge: the increasing demand for high-quality, frozen fish to sustain its marine animals. Seeking an innovative solution, they turned to Heuch’s Portable Blast Freezer.

This freezer, known for its rapid and effective freezing capabilities, was meticulously integrated into Sea World’s supply chain. The result? Improved product quality, operational efficiency, and cost savings. Marine animals benefited from enhanced nutritional value, and Sea World’s commitment to sustainability was reinforced. The blast freezer proved to be a vital asset for this renowned marine attraction.

See the full featured project here.

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