Heuch have been supplying customised cooling and HVAC-R solutions to the Australian Defence Force since 1970, and have provided capabilities that include:

  • HVAC systems
  • Solar power equipment conversions
  • Logistics support
  • Containerised solutions
  • Environment control rooms
  • and many more.

Heuch has a deep appreciation and understanding of the arduous circumstances and environments in which their systems may be placed, as well as an understanding of the varying climatic conditions.

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Support Master

The Support Master is a standalone unit designed to aid land defence vehicles in combatting humidity, and keeping the batteries fully charged.

Modern defence vehicles are complicated designs with a lot of electronics and multiple power sources. The Support Master ensures that your vehicle is always in top shape to carry out its duties in tough conditions.

Portable Base Solutions

Heuch’s containerised base cool room solutions allow portable military bases to now include cold and refrigerated storage in many different shapes and sizes.

These containerised base solutions can be used for mortuary’s at -20oC, pharmaceutical storage, ammunition storage and food storage.


The ArcticRx transport and storage container revolutionises the defence world by allowing products to shipped and stored at stable temperatures (down to -70oC) for 3+ weeks at a time.

This container is unpowered which is great for land, air and sea transport, but also gives the opportunity to hold temperatures in remote areas where power is unavailable.

Environmental Chambers

Heuch Environmental Test Chambers can simulate any environment on earth with the touch of a button, and are used to help test and design equipment and uniforms for our troops.

The climate chamber can simulate all fighting conditions inclusive of testing for chemical warfare suits. These tests range from leak penetration of personal armour, to how soldiers can physically work within the uniforms.

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This Environmental Test Chamber & associated equipment was designed, constructed, installed & commissioned by Heuch. The Environmental Test Chamber was featured in a segment of ABC’s Catalyst program, presenting the Chambers use as a testing environment for Australian Defence Force uniforms.

To view the video and read the story transcript please click here.

Advanced Climate Control Systems for Defence

Heuch builds and develops the highest-grade climate control systems for defence, able to withstand the harsh conditions that defence equipment often endures. Our devices are durable, versatile, and portable, making us a preferred choice for the Australian Defence Force.

Our climate control systems are designed while keeping in mind the demanding situations of military operations. Optimising the environmental conditions, we create the perfect climate for defence equipment to function, resulting in minimal risk of failures. Our equipment undergoes rigorous testing to make sure it can handle high temperatures, rough terrain, and be protected from potential chemicals during transport.

Significant Accomplishments in Defence Climate Control Systems

Our contribution to the defence sector dates back to 1970, and since then, we have undertaken many projects that have added to our credibility and expertise. One such project is the Mobile Autonomous Refrigeration Utility (MARU), which sets the standard for autonomous cooling systems. It is a self-powered unit that can provide independent cooling and power in harsh environments with the ease of deployment and operation.

Another notable project was the creation of an Environmental Test Chamber for the Australian Defence Force. This innovative chamber can simulate any environmental condition at the push of a button, testing the performance under diverse climatic situations.

The Jindalee Operational Radar Network (JORN) project for long-range Over-The-Horizon Radar (OTHR) surveillance is another noteworthy venture that showcases our comprehensive understanding of the defence industry’s climatic control needs.

Why Choose Heuch for Climate Control Systems for Defence?

When it comes to climate control systems for the defence sector, Heuch stands out from other competitors due to several reasons:

  • Our extensive experience, precise knowledge, and continuous commitment to providing excellent service make us the top choice.
  • Our commitment to reducing operating costs without compromising quality or functionality ensures the deliverance of cost-effective solutions.
  • The promising blend of our award-winning technology with our dedication to sustainability establishes us as a future-proof partner.
  • We offer programmed maintenance services, making sure our systems are long-lasting and running properly.
  • Our commitment to our clients paired with first-rate HVAC-R engineering solutions keeps us at the forefront of this industry.

Comprehensive Service and Support

Heuch’s customer service doesn’t end with installation. We extend our support by offering programmed maintenance services, ensuring the smooth running and longevity of our installed systems. With a single call at 03 9793 6088, our expert team is ready to assist with any questions or service requirements.

We urge you not to compromise on quality when it comes to defence climate control systems. Get in touch with Heuch today, conveniently located in Australia.

Serving Residents across Australia

Heuch proudly supports climatic control needs across Australia. Our delivery of quality-driven and performance-centric solutions has earned us a loyal customer base near Frankston and other surrounding suburbs. We believe that our success is contributed by our quick response, effective solutions, and being a trusted HVAC-R service provider.

Regardless of your location or the complexity of your requirements, we deliver climate control system solutions aimed at efficient, safe defence operations. Contact us today for a comprehensive climate control solution tailored to your specific defence needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Climate Control Systems for Defence in Australia

What makes Hutch's climate control systems for defence standout?

Heuch’s climate control systems for defence are designed with advanced technology and precision, optimised for military operations. Our systems are durable to all defence industries, versatile, portable, and undergo rigorous testing for reliability. We customise our solutions based on specific climate requirements, offering eco-friendly solutions such as solar-powered conversions.

Can you tell me about Heuch's accomplishments in defence climate control systems?

Heuch has a long history in the defence sector, with significant projects such as the Mobile Autonomous Refrigeration Utility (MARU), an Environmental Test Chamber for Australian Defence Force uniforms, and the Jindalee Operational Radar Network (JORN) project for long-range Over-The-Horizon Radar (OTHR) surveillance.

Why should I choose Heuch for climate control systems for defence?

Heuch’s extensive experience, precise knowledge, and commitment to service make us a trusted provider in this sector. We are committed to reducing operating costs, providing eco-friendly solutions and post-installation support.

What kind of post-installation services does Heuch provide for their climate control systems for defence?

Heuch offers comprehensive programmed maintenance services post-installation to ensure the smooth functioning and longevity of our systems. No matter what your industry requirements, our expert team can support your next project.

Does Heuch serve clients outside Australia?

Yes, Heuch proudly serves the climatic control needs across Australia, including Greater Australia and neighbouring cities near Geelong. Our commitment to quick response times and effective solutions has earned us a loyal customer base across the state.