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Victoria university altitude room

Customer Success Story: Victoria University

Environmental Altitude Room

HEUCH PTY LTD were engaged at Victoria University to provide two Environmental rooms that provide simulated conditions as desired by the users of the room. The room offers the users the ability to set the humidity and temperature of the room. For this project two environment rooms were built, each custom designed to suit a specific purpose. The two rooms share a common control plant but each room can be operated independently and set to different conditions.

The first room was a Simulated Climate Chamber able to provide conditions ranging from -30°C to +55°C and humidity between 20% to 95%(when above +5°C). This single user room allows an athlete to train in simulated conditions. Another possible application of this room is product testing.

The larger room was an Environmental Exercise laboratory designed to provide simulated conditions for the purpose of enabling a group of athletes to train in a controlled environment. This room is also fitted with a Kinetic© hypoxic system. Hypoxic air is simply air with the percentage of oxygen in it reduced. By piping in different proportions of hypoxic air the room can be changed to replicate the conditions found at high altitude.

A data logger was mounted on a switchboard. This data logger logs the room conditions and the conditions can be retrieved at a later time for analysis with the appropriate software.

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    Victoria University
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    Environmental Altitude Room
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