High Capacity Industrial Ice Machines

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Looking for hassle-free ice production? At Heuch, we specialise in delivering efficient, sustainable, and cutting-edge HVAC-R engineering solutions tailored for the commercial and industrial sectors. Our high-capacity industrial ice machines are indispensable for long-haul requirements.

Experience the advantages of our state-of-the-art system, which boasts rapid ice production and exceptional storage capabilities, enhancing your operational efficiency. With over fifty years of expertise, our team at Heuch deeply understands the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning demands of the food industry in Australia. Trust in us for a consistent and reliable ice supply. If your business hinges on ice production, Heuch is here to back you up.

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Heuch Ice Ball
Machine Model: HCSBI10
Product Description

The Heuch Ice Ball Machine (BI) is a state-of-the-art equipment designed to seamlessly transform transparent ice blocks into pristine, clear ice balls. Crafted with precision and efficiency in mind, this machine ensures that you get the perfect ice ball every time.

Heuch Tube Ice Machine
(Range 1ton/day to 30ton/day)
Product Description

The Heuch Tube Ice (TI) series tube ice machine stands out as a premier ice machine, producing cylindrical ice with a central hole. It employs a flooded evaporator model, enhancing ice-making efficiency and overall capacity.Its compact design ensures space-saving during installation.

Heuch Flake Ice Machine
(Range: 200kg/day to 30ton/day)
Product Description

Heuch’s lake Ice (FI) series ice machine is a trusted choice in supermarkets and seafood restaurants.It plays a pivotal role in preserving the freshness of various foods, including fish, meat, and poultry.

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Comprehensive Ice Makers for Food Industry

Investing in high-quality, high-capacity ice machines can improve your food processing methods. Our ice makers are designed for higher demands within the food industry. Whether you’re running a restaurant, catering business, or an industrial-sized kitchen, our machines provide a reliable ice supply for your cooling needs.

Work within a marine environment? Our refrigeration solutions expand beyond ice makers for the food industry, including frozen sea water machines. We also offer controlled atmosphere systems, controlled environment rooms, and robust climate control systems amongst many others.

The Importance Of Reliable Industrial Ice Makers

In a fast-paced industry such as food production and processing, having trustworthy and high capacity industrial ice machines is critical to business success. Whether you’re in meat processing, fishery, dairy, or even in the bakery sector, our cooling solutions make sure your temperature-sensitive goods are preserved.

Easily attached to the water supply, you don’t need to stress about your inventory. From blast chillers, blast freezers to motor cooling systems for mines, we design and implement HVAC-R solutions that meet the high demands standards of these industries. With Heuch, your product’s quality and safety is secured.

Our ice makers are not just designed for food industry use. They are also instrumental in healthcare settings, sporting events and arenas, chemical laboratories, and are maximise your ice production on a daily basis.

Our High Quality Industrial Ice Makers

Our industrial ice-making machines are made from top-grade materials and assembled with precision engineering. Equipped with the latest technology, they can produce large quantities of ice at consistent temperatures, making them perfect for large scale use.

Our high capacity industrial ice machines are designed for heavy-duty use, ranging up to 30,000 kg of ice per day. Whether it is for cold storage for pharmaceuticals or cooling systems for mines, Heuch can provide the right solutions for you.

With our controlled environment rooms and pharmaceutical HVAC systems, we can assist in preserving biological products and ensuring the safety of temperature-sensitive medicinal products.

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Why Choose Heuch For High Capacity Industrial Ice Machines

Deciding on Heuch for your high capacity industrial ice machines has various advantages

We employ excellent technology to deliver award-winning HVAC-R services.


Our solutions are designed to reduce operating costs.

Dedication To

Our solutions are efficient, and we are committed to promoting renewable energy.


With over 50 years of experience, our commitment to our clients is unwavering.

Comprehensive Programmed
Maintenance Services

We provide scheduled maintenance services to ensure the longevity of our products and systems.

How To Reach Us for Your HVAC-R Needs

Reach out to us at Heuch for your high-capacity industrial ice machines, refrigeration systems, and other HVAC-R solutions. Our specialists in Australia determine only the best products and services that suit your industry, whether transport, printing, mining, or defence.

With Heuch, customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Feel free to reach us on +61 3 9793 6088 for more information about how our products and services can help your business succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions for High Capacity Industrial Ice Machines in Australia
What makes Heuch's high capacity industrial ice machines ideal for the food industry in Australia?

Heuch’s industrial ice machines are designed for high-demand settings such as the food industry. They are equipped with an advanced mechanism for faster ice production and superior storage.

How do Heuch's ice machines ensure the quality and safety of food products in Australia?

Heuch’s high-capacity industrial ice machines help ensure product quality and safety by maintaining consistent temperatures, preserving temperature-sensitive goods in only the best conditions.

Besides ice makers for the food industry, what other industries can benefit from Heuch's industrial ice machines in Australia?

Apart from the food industry, Heuch’s high-capacity ice machines are also ideal for healthcare settings, sports events and arenas, chemical labs, pharmaceuticals, and cooling systems for mines.

What is unique about Heuch's high-capacity industrial ice machines in Australia?

Heuch’s ice machines are made from top-grade materials with the latest technology. They can withstand heavy-duty use and produce a large quantity of ice at consistent temperatures. Furthermore, Heuch provides comprehensive programmed maintenance services so your inventory lasts.

How can I contact Heuch for high capacity industrial ice machines in Australia?

You can reach Heuch on +61 3 9793 6088 for inquiries about high-capacity industrial ice machines and other HVAC-R solutions. Our specialists in Australia, Australia, are ready to assist you in identifying the best products and services for your specific needs.