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Controlled Atmosphere Systems

The market value of  fruit and vegetables hinges largely on their  quality and demand dynamics. . So, how can you ensure that your products retain their top-notch quality until the optimal time for sale? The answer lies in Controlled Atmosphere (CA) storage.

Utilising CA storage slows down the physiological processes in the stored items, effectively extending their shelf life. Think of it as putting the product into a state of hibernation. This state is achieved by establishing and sustaining a unique protective atmosphere.

By reducing the oxygen levels, the respiration rate drops, and the metabolism of crucial nutrients is minimised. The goal is to maintain the lowest possible oxygen level to conserve these nutrients, and by extension, the product’s quality.

Any residual oxygen is transformed into CO2, which further decelerates the respiration of fruits and vegetables. However, an overabundance of CO2 can harm your products, so it’s essential to remove any excess.

Fruits and vegetables naturally produce ethylene, a compound that accelerates ripening – and consequently, ageing. To counteract these effects, it’s crucial to eliminate this detrimental ethylene gas from the storage environment for certain products.

It’s important to note that each product variety has its own set of optimal storage conditions. Factors like climate, weather, soil quality, cultivation conditions, and harvest time mean that these conditions can vary annually, and even differ between products and their individual varieties. As specialists in CA storage, we provide bespoke solutions, ensuring you can monitor your valuable produce closely.

In today’s market, a plethora of storage concepts exist, including ULO, DCA, ILOS, DILOS, DCE, and more. In collaboration with Besseling, we provide both the necessary protocols and equipment for these storage methods.

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Controlled Atmosphere Systems

Controlled Atmosphere (CA) systems have revolutionised the food processing industry in Australia by offering to prolong and enhance the quality of stored produce. The CA systems by Heuch are meticulously engineered to modulate the atmospheric conditions tailored for diverse products, a pivotal enhancement for the sector..

By precisely managing oxygen and CO2 levels, these systems significantly prolong the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. This not only preserves their vital nutrients but also amplifies their market appeal.

In summary, the CA system’s role is indispensable to Australia’s food processing industry, especially considering the region’s fluctuating climate, weather, and soil conditions. Heuch delivers CA solutions designed to protect and optimise your produce.

Advanced Solutions for Your Produce Storage Requirements

The storage solutions by Heuch are not just confined to CA systems. Storage concepts like ULO, DCA, ILOS, DILOS, DCE, etc. are available to cater to varied produce requirements, ranging from fruits, vegetables, and many more. In partnership with Besseling, Heuch provides both the protocols and necessary equipment.

The continuous evolution and advancements in the industry require systems that support individual product storage needs, taking variables such as type of produce, climate, harvest time, and growing conditions into account. With expertise in CA storage, Heuch preserves the nutritional value and overall quality of produce across Australia.

Heuch‘s advanced cooling systems for freshly harvested produce, coupled with their state-of-the-art plant growth rooms, have transformed the food processing landscape in Australia. These innovations streamline and enhance the journey from harvest to market.

Why Choose Heuch for Controlled Atmosphere Systems?

Heuch’s expertise, precision, and commitment make it a leading choice for anyone seeking a controlled atmosphere system in Australia . Our team serve locations all across Australia.

  • Industry Veteran: With over 50 years of experience, we understand food processing industries and can suggest the most effective solutions.
  • Tailored Solutions: Every variety of produce is unique in terms of treatment. We design our services based on the requirements of each product.
  • Comprehensive Maintenance: Post-installation support is as important as the system itself. We offer comprehensive programmed maintenance services, making sure systems function at their best at all times.
  • Award-Winning Technology: Our award-winning technology ensures efficient operation while keeping operational costs at a bare minimum.
  • Dedicated To Sustainability: We are dedicated to providing solutions that pursue sustainability, thus contributing to a healthier environment, and this makes our systems a preferred choice.

Contact Heuch for Your Controlled Atmosphere Systems Needs

Looking for a reliable and effective controlled atmosphere system for your product? Opt for Heuch, the primary choice for industries requiring specialised HVAC-R solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Controlled Atmosphere Systems in Australia

What are the benefits of using controlled atmosphere systems in the food exchange in Australia?

Controlled Atmosphere (CA) systems offer several benefits to the food exchange in Australia by extending and enhancing the quality of stored produce. They regulate the precise atmospheric conditions needed for different products, prolonging shelf life and preserving nutrients and quality, which boosts the market value of these products.

What advanced storage solutions does Heuch provide apart from CA systems?

In addition to CA systems, Heuch offers numerous storage concepts like ULO, DCA, ILOS, DILOS, DCE, etc., which cater to varied produce requirements ranging from fruits, vegetables, and many more.

How do controlled atmosphere systems by Heuch work?

Heuch’s CA systems slow down the physiological processes of the stored products, essentially putting them into a form of hibernation. These systems maintain ideal conditions by controlling oxygen and CO2 levels thus extending the shelf life of fruits and vegetables and preserving their nutrients and quality.

Why is Heuch a preferred choice for controlled atmosphere systems in Australia?

Heuch is preferred for their over 50 years of experience in the food processing industries, commitment to tailored solutions, comprehensive maintenance services, award-winning technology, and dedication to sustainability.

How can I get in touch with Heuch for my controlled atmosphere systems needs in Australia?

You can contact Heuch by calling them at +61 3 9793 6088 or by browsing through their online catalogue for more details about their controlled atmosphere systems and other HVAC-R products or solutions.