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We can design and customise purpose built temperature control rooms, refrigeration services and environmental chambers for a variety of industries. We hand select the base materials and protective finishes to ensure your equipment suits your local environment and process application.

Our customer solutions can include controls and equipment for:

  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Hypoxic or simulated altitude
  • Positive and negative pressure environments
  • Containment
  • Climate simulation

This is just a snapshot of our capabilities, so if you do not see the right solution for your application above, contact us on +61 3 9793 6088 and we can discuss your requirements.

Check out one of our environmental test chambers in action that we designed for the Australian Defence Force here.

Controlled Environment Rooms

Climate Chambers consist of finely calibrated spaces where temperature, humidity, light, and other conditions are regulated. We use high-quality, durable materials and strong equipment to provide you with a consistent, reliable space for different applications such as medical research labs, food storage, and manufacturing facilities.

We understand the importance of precision and resolution in regards to the needs of different industries. Hence, our controlled environment rooms also have pressure regulation and simulation capabilities, ensuring your room provides the exact conditions you need.

Our team aims to improve our platforms and delivery methods, staying ahead of advancements and updating our technology where necessary. Our objective is to create ideal, controlled environments that meet the standard of food quality and demand.

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Supportive Facilities Available to You

We deliver temperature and humidity controls, services covering climate simulation services to hypoxic solutions. Adjusting the environmental conditions in a room is designed to extend the storage life of your produce.

With high-quality equipment to monitor and control the environmental conditions, we understand the importance of having an environment that stays within specific parameters with consistent regulation. Take advantage of our controlled environment rooms, optimising your application process and product quality.

Equip your business with the technology that can help maintain a competitive edge in your industry. With constant advancements in technology, now is the time to invest in capable, and efficient temperature control solutions.

Why Choose Heuch for Controlled Environment Rooms?

At Heuch, we have spent over five decades gaining expertise and refining our ability to deliver bespoke HVAC-R engineering solutions. We value our attention to detail, use of innovative technology, and dedication to reduce our clients’ operating costs. Here’s why you should choose us in Australia:

  • We provide customised solutions that are both effective and practical.
  • Award-winning solutions and a cutting-edge approach so you get the most advanced options in the industry.
  • Dedicated to sustainability, we prioritise solutions that are not just high performing, but are environmentally conscious.
  • Committed to our clients, we are dedicated to a high quality, reliable service.
  • We support industry areas such as defence, food processing, pharmaceutical, and telecommunications.

Supporting Defence, Food Processing, and Pharmaceutical Industries

We understand the unique demands of each of these industries, so we provide advanced controlled environment rooms to what you’re looking for. Whether it’s keeping pharmaceuticals at optimal temperatures, manufacturing processes in stable conditions, or making sure that food is safely stored, our controlled environment rooms are high-performing. With Heuch’s controlled environment rooms, you’ll be operating at maximum efficiency.

Get Started with Heuch Today!

To evolve your business with a sophisticated, fully customised controlled environment room, contact Heuch today. Our team of trained professionals in Australia is ready to assist you in achieving environmental control. Let’s take your business to the next level. Call us on 03 9793 608!

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Frequently Asked Questions for Controlled Environment Rooms in Australia
What are the controlled environment rooms offered by Heuch in Australia?

Heuch offers customised controlled environment rooms for various sectors, such as medical research labs, food storage, and manufacturing facilities. These rooms have adjusted temperature, humidity, light, pressure regulation, and simulation capabilities.

What industries can benefit from Heuch’s controlled environment rooms in Australia?

A variety of industries, including defence, food processing, pharmaceutical, and telecommunications, can take advantage of Heuch’s controlled environment rooms. These rooms are designed with specific industry requirements in mind, providing the ideal conditions for different applications.

What kind of facilities and equipment does Heuch provide for their controlled environment rooms in Australia?

Heuch provides climate simulation services and hypoxic solutions. They offer equipment to monitor and control the environmental conditions precisely and consistently.

Why should I choose Heuch for a controlled environment room in Australia?

Heuch has over five decades of experience in HVAC-R engineering solutions, offering customised and practical solutions. They prioritise high-performing, environmentally-conscious solutions and demonstrate dedication to service, quality, and reliability.

How can I get started with Heuch’s controlled environment rooms in Australia?

You can get started by contacting Heuch. Their team of trained professionals assist you in achieving absolute environmental control and help take your business to the next level. You can reach them at 03 9793 608.