Heuch’s Cutting-Edge Chiller Range: Keeping Industries Cool

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Heuch Refrigeration, an ISO 9001 Quality Assured company, has been at the forefront of providing innovative refrigeration solutions to Australian industries since its establishment in 1970. With a blend of Australian and European engineering expertise, Heuch has consistently delivered reliable and efficient cooling systems. Today, we delve into our impressive chiller range, designed to meet diverse industry needs.

Chillers: Cooling Excellence for Every Application

Water Chillers and Coolers

Heuch offers a wide array of water chillers and coolers, meticulously designed and selected to suit Australian conditions. These versatile systems play a crucial role in various heavy-duty, industrial and commercial applications. Let’s explore some key features:

  1. Variety of Solutions: From open and closed loop process systems to different refrigeration systems (open drive, semi-hermetic, and hermetic), Heuch covers it all.
  2. Temperature Flexibility: Whether you require high or low-temperature processes, Heuch’s chillers can handle both extremes.
  3. Humidity Control: For applications where humidity matters, Heuch’s chillers excel.
  4. Ambient Environment Adaptability: Whether your facility faces high salt exposure or operates in extreme ambient temperatures, Heuch has a solution.

Chillers in Key Industries

Heuch’s chillers find applications across various sectors:

  1. Mining: In both above and underground mines, temperature and humidity pose risks to workers and equipment. Heuch’s chillers maintain optimal conditions by cooling the air using water or air as the medium. This ensures safety and efficiency in mining processes.
  2. Motor Cooling: Motors in industrial settings generate heat during operation. Heuch’s chillers play a vital role in maintaining optimal working conditions, preventing thermal damage, and ensuring longevity.
  3. Data Centers: Water chillers are essential for maintaining ideal temperatures in data centers. These centers house servers and other critical equipment that generate substantial heat. Effective cooling ensures reliable operation and prevents overheating.
  4. Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry: Water chillers are used in medical and pharmaceutical facilities. They help regulate temperatures in laboratories, research centers, and production areas. Precise temperature control is vital for preserving sensitive medications, vaccines, and biological samples.
  5. Dairy Milk Processing: Heuch’s heavy-duty chillers remove heat from dairy milk processing equipment during pasteurization, preserving product quality and increasing shelf life.

Ranging from 20kW to Over 1mW

Heuch’s chiller range caters to various capacities, from small portable chillers to large custom-designed systems. Their components are of high quality, featuring advanced controls, safety features, and low noise levels.

Choose Heuch for Reliable Cooling Solutions

Whether you’re a mining operation, a brewery, or a dairy processing facility, Heuch’s chiller range ensures energy efficiency, product quality, and equipment longevity. Explore our chiller range in detail here, or contact Heuch today at 1300 001 952 to explore their cutting-edge cooling solutions.

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