Heuch Portable Refrigerated Containers: Precision and Versatility for your event and catering needs.

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Whether you’re serving gourmet dishes at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival or catering at the Australian Open, our reliable and efficient cold storage solutions helps you deliver a seamless event experience, ensuring every bite and sip is enjoyed at its best.

Heuch, a leader in temperature control technologies, offers cold store containers that are a game-changer for event management. These containers are capable of maintaining a vast range of temperatures, making them suitable for virtually any item that requires temperature control. From keeping beverages chilled to preserving delicious food, Heuch’s technology ensures optimal conditions meet your needs.

Key Benefits for Events and Trade Shows

Precise Temperature Control

With a range from +40°C to -70°C, Heuch’s containers can be tailored to the specific needs of different products, ensuring that everything from food to high-tech gadgets is stored at the ideal temperature. Our advanced temperature management control system provides constant temperature monitoring.


Events and trade shows are diverse, and their storage needs can vary greatly. Heuch’s containers come in various sizes and configurations, making them adaptable to different types of events, locations, and space constraints.

Fast Delivery

In the event industry, timing is crucial. Heuch understands this and offers quick delivery and setup of our cold storage units, ensuring that event planners and caterers can focus on other aspects of their event without worrying about storage issues.


We understand your event budget is a key consideration in the planning of your event. Heuch’s solutions are priced competitively, making them an affordable option for events of all sizes. This affordability does not come at the expense of quality. With over 50 years in the industry, Heuch’s containers are state-of-the-art in terms of technology and reliability. The containers’ full electric operation ensures continuous reliability, optimal performance, and low running costs.

We also offer solar powered containers to help you achieve electricity independence during the time of use.

Ease of Use

Designed with the end-user in mind, Heuch refrigerated containers are easy to operate. Their plug-in design ensures that event staff can manage the storage units without needing specialised training, further easing the logistical burden.

Applications in Various Event Scenarios

Festivals and Fairs

Large-scale public events like music festivals and fairs can benefit immensely from these portable, walk-in cold stores, especially for food and beverage storage.


For caterers, maintaining the quality of their offerings is essential. Heuch’s containers provide a reliable solution to keep food items fresh and at safe temperatures.

Trade Shows and Exhibitions

These events often showcase products that require controlled temperatures, such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, or technological gadgets. Heuch’s refrigerated cool rooms offer a secure and reliable way to store these items.

Corporate Events

Even smaller-scale corporate events can benefit from the precision and flexibility of Heuch’s cold storage solutions, whether for keeping refreshments cool or storing promotional materials.

Heuch Cold Storage: Versatility and Precision

Heuch cold stores are notable for their versatility, offering a one-box cold store solution with precise temperature control ranging from -40°C to +30°C. This feature is particularly beneficial for the diverse requirements of large-scale events, catering to a wide array of food and beverage needs.

Cold storage containers are a crucial element in the successful planning and execution of various events. These units not only provide essential temperature-controlled storage but do so with the flexibility, efficiency, and affordability necessary in the fast-paced world of events and trade shows. With Heuch’s cold store containers, event organisers and caterers can ensure that their products, food, and beverages are stored under optimal conditions, thereby enhancing the overall quality and experience of the event.

Explore Heuch’s cold storage solutions today and elevate your next event to new heights! Visit Heuch.com.au for more information.

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