Huge Savings Potential for Your Refrigeration Services!

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A while back we wrote an article regarding waste heat recovery opportunities with your refrigeration services. And now further research has come out in support of the huge savings potential!

According to research by Dutch firm KWA Business Consultants, annual savings from reusing waste heat produced during the refrigeration process could save industry from having to purchase some 1.3 billion cubic metres of natural gas.

The research – commissioned by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (part of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs) – found that companies could recycle up to 40% of the heat produced during the refrigeration cycle, requiring them to use less natural gas for heating.

By utilising the waste heat for other applications you can increase the energy efficiency of your facility.

Increasing your energy efficiency has an immediate and direct effect on your financial bottom line by reducing daily expenditure on services.

To read more about opportunities to utilise your waste heat click below.

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