Food Safety and Cold Storage Solutions

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With increased importance on food safety and freshness, as well as increased demand in cold storage facilities as reported at the beginning of the year, refrigeration services are now under stricter governance than ever before.

Food produce providers now need to take the entire process of harvesting to processing to storage to transport all into consideration as the retail food trends of “farm to plate” are now ingrained within not only consumers mind sets, supermarkets, but also pop culture and fast food options.

Retail facilities need to ensure they are collecting, analysing and acting upon all the data gathered. Especially around product temperature. To ensure that the food being held remains fresh as was originally harvested from the farm to the manufacturer to the store, and then into the hands of the consumer.

Protecting consumers from food borne illnesses and preventing food loss (which is a direct source of revenue) is an imperative and can be consistently achieved if you actively maintain your refrigeration service. 

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Comprehensive refrigerant service and equipment monitoring methods can ensure that your machines are running at optimal levels for your food produce at all stages of the cycle.

It also means an increase in usable life of your equipment. With achieving the most efficiency and longest useful like for your systems you not only help increase your bottom line, but also ensure that your consumers are receiving their ideal of “farm to plate” freshness and helping prevent food borne illnesses.

Here at Heuch, we focus entirely on your business and how we can provide the best solution for your refrigeration services within the food processing industry. We can offer advice and service for the entire cold chain cycle. From harvest to processing to storage.

For more information regarding our food processing industry services click below.

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