Is Programmed Maintenance the Right Service Solution for Maintaining Services?

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The best ways to service and maintain your facility equipment has long been a heated debate. Programmed maintenance is often viewed by many companies as an expense that wastes time and resources when the age old adage of “if it aint broke, don’t fix it” reactive mode is in play.

However here at Heuch we have found that a repair service in the reactive mode can be costly, sometimes up to as much as three times higher than the same repair service done within a programmed maintenance schedule; regardless of whether it is industrial and commercial refrigeration services, air conditioning services, solar energy service or heating and cooling services. It costs the business more.

The hidden and true cost can also be found in unscheduled, unplanned downtime, lost delivery targets and disruption to scheduling. These events often lead to multiple employees looking for duties or waiting to start again.

When maintaining services in the reactive mode, we have often found that companies need to spend more money on inventory with spare parts, they have higher overtime labor costs, have an increase in downtime when the machine needs a repair and costs them more to get production back to the same level of efficiency considering lost production time and in some cases the necessity for expedited shipments.

If in the event of a machine failure we have 24 hour, 365 days a year breakdown services to ensure your facility is operational as quick as possible!

Programmed maintenance scheduling allows you to arrange any disruption at a time that suits your planning schedule. It also allows us to come in and assess the efficiencies of all machinery and ensure you have the longest useful life on your equipment with a best value driven outcome. We call it a condition driven preventative maintenance program. We work with you to look at several indictors to determine current efficiencies and potential loss of productivity that could be detrimental to your plant operations and critical systems.

So basically, it is the means of holistically considering your productivity, product quality overall effectiveness of your facility in the most cost effective manner.

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