Water chillers and coolers are designed and selected for local conditions. Industrial water chiller and cooling applications can be quite varied and therefore it is important to match the right solution to each industry application.

With this in mind we designed a purpose built solar powered milk vat for one of our customers who required a dependable system but did not have a reliable electricity connection.

If you are needing a custom designed and built industrial water chiller and cooler service for your application, we cover a wide range of variants including:

Open and closed loop process systems

Open drive, semi hermetic and hermetic refrigeration systems

High and low temperature processes

High humidity and high salt exposure

High and low ambient temperature environments

Brine, water and coolant

You can also check out one of our projects we were commissioned for in the Middle East for furnace applications here.

Industrial Water Chiller Supplies

At Heuch, we understand that precise temperature control plays in maintaining the efficiency of industrial equipment and processes. We are one of the leading industrial water chiller suppliers in Australia, backed by an experienced team and a commitment to providing efficient, reliable, and sustainable solutions for businesses across various sectors.

We provide a broad range of industrial water chillers that support different industries. Whether you’re in agriculture, food processing, defence, or any other industry in need of an efficient water chiller system, we have what you need. Along with our standard models, we design custom-built systems to match the exact specifications of your application.

Factors like high ambient temperature environments, high humidity, and high salt exposure can affect the performance of an industrial chiller. With this in mind, we offer durable solutions designed to withstand tough conditions and deliver consistent performance.

Innovative Industrial Water Chiller Solutions in Australia

We at Heuch are proud of our innovative approach in providing the best water chillers for industrial Australian sectors. As reliable industrial water chiller suppliers, we use advanced technology and designs to meet the evolving needs of our clients, even in the most challenging of industrial conditions.

A remarkable highlight of our innovation is our solar-powered milk vat – a perfect solution for customers who need a reliable system but do not have a stable electricity connection. This solar-powered system provides excellent performance, no matter the industry.

Why Choose Heuch for Industrial Water Chiller Suppliers?

Selecting Heuch as your industrial water chiller supplier brings with it a host of benefits. Our solutions are characterised by:

  • Award-winning Technology: Our water chillers and coolers utilise innovative designs to deliver efficient cooling solutions.
  • Focus on Sustainability: From solar-powered systems to eco-friendly refrigerants, our solutions are designed with sustainability in mind.
  • Engineering Solutions: Heuch prides itself in providing HVAC-R engineering solutions, making sure your industrial needs are met.
  • Comprehensive Maintenance Services: We extend beyond just supplying equipment, with comprehensive programmed maintenance services to keep your systems running efficiently.
  • Unwavering commitment: With over 50 years of experience, we are dedicated to meeting and exceeding client expectations.

Serving Industries Far and Wide

No matter your industry, we are committed to delivering effective water chiller solutions in Australia and surrounding areas. Our broad client base includes food processing, defence, mining, pharmaceutical, and many others.

Contact Heuch for World-Class Industrial Water Chiller Solutions

Ready to improve the efficiency and sustainability of your industrial cooling system? Choose Heuch as your industrial water chiller supplier.

As a reliable and innovative supplier servicing Australia, we always aim to optimise your business operations. Contact us at +61 3 9793 6088 or visit our physical location in Australia to discover our wide range of offerings. Remember, at Heuch, your industrial cooling needs are our top priority.

Frequently Asked Questions for Industrial Water Chiller Suppliers in Australia

Does Heuch provide custom-made water chillers?

Yes, along with standard models, Heuch also designs custom-built industrial water chiller systems tailored to match the exact specifications of your application.

Who are the leading industrial water chiller suppliers in Australia?

Heuch is one of the leading industrial water chiller suppliers in Australia, known for providing efficient, reliable, and sustainable solutions for various industries.

What is unique about Heuch's industrial water chiller solutions?

Heuch’s industrial water chiller solutions employ advanced technology and innovative designs, including a solar-powered milk vat for customers lacking a stable electricity connection. Their focus on sustainability stands out in their offerings.

What industries does Heuch serve in Australia?

Heuch serves a broad spectrum of industries, including agriculture, food processing, defence, mining, pharmaceutical, and many others, with their effective industrial water chiller solutions in Australia.

How do I contact Heuch for their water chiller solutions?

In need of an industrial solution for your business? You can contact Heuch at 03 9793 6088 or visit their physical location in Australia for their world-class industrial water chiller solutions. At Heuch, your industrial cooling needs are a top priority.