Environmental Rooms -HPE Range


The HPE Range of Environmental Rooms are standardised designs that are built for sporting clubs and training facilities that are wanting to test the limits of their athletes of acclimatise them before the next big game away from home.

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  • Benefits
  • Variable Controls
  • Configuration Characteristics
  • Industries
  • Standard room size and climate equipment
  • Cost effective
  • Speedy construction
Room Size Temperature Humidity Altitude(Oxygen) Wind Solar
Max 12m × 6m 45°C 98% RH 5000m 15m/s 800W/m2
Min 3m × 3m 0°C 20% RH 0m 0m/s 200W/m2
  • Control Panel
    • Colour touch screen
    • Preset programs
    • USB data storage
    • Program scheduler
  • Security alert system.
  • Power failure emergency lighting, escape exit indicator
  • Inner and outer room PA communication
  • Inner and outer room emergency stop button
  • Inner and outer room data synchronization display system
Common Industries of Use

Sporting Clubs and Training Facilities: Athletic environmental chambers are a type of environmental chamber that are specifically designed for athletes. These chambers are used to simulate a variety of environmental conditions to create a safe and controlled environment for athletes to train, acclimatise and exercise in.

Product Advantages
    • Cost Savings: Climate chambers can help companies and training facilities save money by reducing the need for field testing, which may be in difficult and remote environments.
    • Athletes get that winning edge by acclimatising to the environment of their next away game.
    • Off-season training gets athletes ready for the real environmental conditions that they will be facing during the season.


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