Environmental Rooms - HME Range


The HME Range of Climate and Test Rooms are customised designs that are built for military applications such as personnel armour testing, and military vehicle climate testing. These chambers are built to a high military spec that allows for many variables such as chemical warfare resistance and extreme climate conditions.

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  • Benefits
  • Variable Controls
  • Configuration Characteristics
  • Industries
  • Customisable chamber size and climate equipment
  • Approximate 6 month project timeline due to design requirements
Room Size Temperature Humidity Altitude(Oxygen) Wind Solar
Max Customisable 55°C 98% RH 7000m 15m/s 1200W/m2
Min 3m × 3m -20°C 20% RH 0m 0m/s 200W/m2
  • Ante room to ensure environmental conditions don’t alter when someone enters or leaves the room
  • Control Panel
    • Colour touch screen
    • Preset programs
    • USB data storage
    • Program scheduler
  • Security alert system.
  • Power failure emergency lighting, escape exit indicator
  • Inner and outer room PA communication
  • Inner and outer room emergency stop button
  • Inner and outer room data synchronization display system
Common Industries of Use

Defence: Environmental Climate Chambers in defence are a significant capability that allows defence departments to administer scientific and technological testing on a selection of new equipment, and an understanding of the performance of current in-service equipment. The facility enables full system testing which helps Defence understand the implications of various types of equipment being acquired. These chambers can replicate just about any environmental conditions on Earth, from dry desert heat to a tropical rain forest. In addition, because chemical weapons still exist, a Defence Climate Chambers allow chemical vapour testing to prove that defence’s protective equipment will perform and keep our people safe.

Product Advantages
  • Higher variable controls: The HME Range of Climate chambers allow tighter and more accurate control of the environmental variables (chemicals, temperature, humidity, oxygen level etc.) in the room due to a combination of a higher level of room construction and reduced air leakage, and also larger duty climate systems feeding into the room.
  • Accelerated Testing: Climate chambers allow manufacturers to quickly and easily carry out scientific testing in a controlled environment that isn’t affected by outside weather patterns or interference.
  • Data Collection: Climate chambers can collect accurate and reliable data, which can be used to improve research and scientific projects.
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