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Heuch Mobile Blast Freezers for the Food Industry

Heuch’s Portable Blast Freezer Container is specifically engineered for the rapid freezing of fish and other premium produce.

Our “picture frame” style blast freezer is tailored to freeze cargo down to -40°C and can be seamlessly integrated with various ISO containers.

The trend is clear: an increasing number of companies are turning to advanced low-temperature freezing equipment for transporting high-value goods. The advantage? Blast freezing allows for significant cost savings, as produce can be shipped via container vessels instead of being air-freighted.

What sets Heuch’s Blast Freezer apart is its innovative evaporator fan system. Unlike many standard units, Heuch’s fan actively circulates air through the cargo, ensuring consistent temperatures throughout. This design is especially beneficial for cargoes that exhibit high internal pressure drops.

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Key Features:

  • Temperature Range: Efficiently freezes cargo from -20ºC to -40ºC.
  • High Capacity: Perfectly suited for freezing meat and seafood.
  • Optimal Airflow: Ensures even temperatures, even in loads with significant internal pressure drops.
  • Unique Design: Outfitted with an evaporator fan specifically crafted for cargoes with high pressure drops.
  • Versatility: Designed for use within containers for added convenience.

Blast Freezers for the Food Industry

Blast freezers provide a high-capacity solution for freezing food items rapidly. These freezer systems, highly popular in the food industry, crucially help maintain food quality, especially for high-value produce such as fish and meat. At Heuch, our custom-designed blast freezers operate even in challenging conditions, resulting in a smooth operation that reduces operational costs.

Heuch’s blast freezers are engineered to sustain -20ºC to -40ºC temperatures – ideal for freezing meat and seafood quickly. The durable design enables consistent cooling even at high pressure drops, making sure an even temperature is distributed across all stored commodities. The full airflow feature provides cooling across shipments with varied internal pressure drop levels.

Being in Australia, we happily serve clients with cutting-edge blast freezer solutions. The convenience and cost-saving potential make these systems an investment worth making for businesses operating in the food industry.

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Embracing Technological Innovation in Blast Freezing

Over the years, Heuch has always improved the functionality of blast freezers. Our evaporator fan design provides temperatures to distribute evenly, unlike standard blast freezers. Our focus on improvement and adaptation to new technology is what sets us apart in the industry.

Heuch’s blast freezers offer an easy-to-use solution that adapts to standard ISO containers. This is one of the reasons why businesses prefer our blast freezers for transporting their goods. With our technologically advanced systems, businesses can save on transport costs without compromising the quality of their produce.

Food-related industries located in or around Australia can benefit from our technology and commitment to sustainability. We utilise energy-saving components and practices to ensure that our solutions are environmentally friendly, without sacrificing the quality of our equipment.

Why Choose Heuch for Blast Freezers for the Food Industry?

At Heuch, we have been providing extraordinary HVAC-R engineering solutions to our clients for over five decades. Here are a few reasons why Heuch should be your provider for blast freezers:

  • Unique Design: Our blast freezers include a distinctive design equipped with an evaporator fan, providing even temperatures in cargoes with high pressure drops.
  • Technological Superiority: We prioritise modern, efficient, and easy-to-use solutions.
  • Cost-effective Solutions: Our blast freezers enable businesses to adopt cost-effective shipping via container ships instead of air freight.
  • Sustainability: We consciously incorporate energy-saving practices and components in our equipment to reduce environmental impact.

Aside from our state-of-the-art equipment, we have a team of experienced professionals who are always ready to assist and guide you through the selection, setup, and operation of our blast freezers. Contact us today at 03 9793 608 to explore our range of high-capacity blast freezers for the food industry.

Understanding the Power of Blast Freezing for the Food Industry

Blast freezing is rapidly gaining popularity in the food industry due to preserving the quality and longevity of food products. The quick freeze capability of these systems slows down bacterial growth, locking in the nutritional value of the food. This makes it a valuable investment for any food processing business.

Businesses in the food industry should consider investing in blast freezers. Not only do they help maintain food quality and increase shelf-life, but they also provide a transport solution, regardless of weather conditions. With Heuch, businesses across Australia and across Australia can access advanced blast freezers for their food processing and storage needs.

Please note that all our services are revised periodically so we meet your expectations. We appreciate your feedback and are committed to your visions through our services.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Blast Freezers for the Food Industry in Australia

What are blast freezers and how do they benefit the food industry in Australia?

Blast freezers are high-capacity systems used to freeze food items rapidly. They are beneficial to the food industry due to maintaining high food quality and rapidly freeze high-value produce such as fish and meat. They reduce operational costs, which supports all business operations, regardless of industry.

How does Heuch's technology improve the performance of blast freezers?

Heuch uses technological advancements to enhance blast freezers. Important features like the unique evaporator fan design provide an even temperature distribution unlike many standard blast freezers. Also, Heuch’s blast freezers offer an easy-to-use solution that adapts to standard ISO containers. This is an attractive option for businesses looking to save on transport costs.

What makes Heuch's blast freezers sustainable and environmentally friendly?

At Heuch, sustainability is a key consideration. We incorporate energy-saving practices and components in our equipment to reduce environmental impact. Despite the high efficiency and quality of our blast freezers, we make sure our solutions are environmentally friendly.

Why should businesses choose Heuch for blast freezers for the food industry?

Heuch offers unique blast freezing solutions with distinctive designs that provide temperature distribution, cutting-edge technology, adaptation to standard ISO containers, and reducing environmental impact.

How does the quick freeze feature of blast freezing help businesses in the food industry?

The quick freeze feature slows down bacterial growth, effectively locking in the nutritional value of the food. This makes blast freezing a valuable investment for any food processing business in Australia. Helping to maintain food quality, you can increase shelf life and regardless of weather conditions, provide an efficient transport solution.