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Heuch offers a wide range of air dryers, gas dryers, coolers and dehumidifiers to suit any requirement. These items are designed to work across a variety of power supplies and operate in both external and internal environments. We have a large range of dryers and dehumidifiers and can also custom design, build and install to suit your business.

As each client has different requirements for their commercial dryer and industrial dehumidifier needs, we tailor the best possible solution for your specific industry and application.

All of our dryers and dehumidifiers are Australian designed, assembled and tested in accordance with our ISO:9001-2015 Quality Assurance System for Australian conditions and comes with our programmed maintenance schedule to ensure you achieve the longest useful life of your dryers and dehumidifiers.

Industrial Dehumidifier Systems

Controlling humidity levels within industrial environments is critical to create only the best quality products and materials for health, manufacturing, plant growth, and more. Not only does it affect the efficiency of your operations, but it can affect your employees, machinery performance, product quality, and productivity in the workplace. Superior quality industrial dehumidifier systems are often made of heavy-duty steel in comparison to humidifiers for the home.

The dehumidifiers we provide are designed, assembled, and tested in Australia, making sure that they are capable of functioning in industrial environments that rely on specific temperatures.

We also offer programmed maintenance services so your industrial dehumidifier systems continue to perform at their full potential.

Optimising Profitability with Heuch’s Industrial Dehumidifier Systems

Do you have employees that work in factories? Uncontrolled humidity can wreak havoc with your machinery, productivity, and bottom line. However, with Heuch’s industrial dehumidifier systems, you can not only prevent such issues, but improve your profitability. An optimally functioning dehumidification system reduces the possibility of costly maintenance.

Being Australian-made, our systems are built to last. Plus, with a comprehensive programmed maintenance service, your industrial dehumidifiers will operate at the best capacity.

Why Choose Heuch for Industrial Dehumidifier Systems?

At Heuch, we are committed to providing top-class HVAC-R solutions to our clients. We understand the challenges each one of our industrial clients face. Here are a few reasons why we are the best choice for industrial dehumidifier systems:

  • Over 50 years of industry expertise: With extensive experience in the HVAC-R business, we have the knowledge and skills to provide solutions.
  • Customised solutions: We understand that each client has unique needs. Therefore, we provide customised solutions tailored to those needs.
  • Reduce operational costs: Our focus is not just on providing quality products, but also on reducing your operating costs.
  • Maintenance schedule: We offer a programmed maintenance schedule to prolong the life of your dehumidifiers.

Are you in industries such as printing, telecommunications, mining, or defence? If you’re looking for industrial dehumidifier systems in and around Australia, Heuch is your best choice. Contact us today at 03 9793 6088.

Navigating the Selection of Industrial Dehumidifier Systems

Making the choice for the right industrial dehumidifier system requires careful consideration of your industry needs. Consider the size of your facility, the degree of humidity that needs to be controlled, and if you need special considerations. At Heuch, we can help you navigate through this process. Our team of experts will work closely with you, understand your needs, and suggest the most effective solution.

Functionality Of Industrial Dehumidifier Systems

Understanding the efficiency and functioning of industrial dehumidifier systems could prove to be greatly beneficial. At Heuch, we believe in empowering our customers with this knowledge.

Our team of experts guide you through the processes, applications, and maintenance of these systems, so you don’t need to worry about the finer details of your new system.

In need of industrial dehumidifier systems in Australia or nearby locations? Reach out to us at Heuch today.

Heavy Duty Air Dryers – Keep Your Plant Running Efficiently

Heavy duty air dryers are useful for various applications in mining and aluminium smelting industries. They help to improve the quality and efficiency of the compressed air and gas systems that are essential for these processes. Here are some examples of how heavy-duty air dryers are used in these industries:

In mining, heavy duty air dryers are used to remove moisture and contaminants from the compressed air that is used for ventilation, pollution control, material conveying, and pneumatic tools.

Moisture in the compressed air can cause corrosion, rust, and damage to the equipment and pipes, as well as reduce the performance and safety of the air system. Heavy duty air dryers can also prevent the formation of ice in cold climates, which can block the air flow and cause accidents. Some of the common types of heavy-duty air dryers for mining applications are desiccant dryers, refrigerant dryers, and membrane dryers.

In aluminium smelting, heavy duty air dryers are used to remove moisture and impurities from the compressed air and gas that are used for various stages of the production process. For example, compressed air is used for cooling the anodes and cathodes, purging the electrolytic cells, and operating the cranes and other machinery.

Compressed gas is used for preheating the alumina, injecting carbon dioxide into the cells, and controlling the emissions. Moisture and impurities in the compressed air and gas can affect the quality and purity of the aluminium product, as well as increase the energy consumption and environmental impact of the process. Heavy duty air dryers can ensure that the compressed air and gas meet the required standards and specifications for aluminium smelting.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Industrial Dehumidifier Systems in Australia
What is the importance of industrial dehumidifier systems in Australia?

Industrial dehumidifier systems are crucial in Australia for managing humidity levels in industrial environments. This aids in improving the efficiency of operations and the performance of machinery and workers.

How will Heuch's industrial dehumidifier systems optimise my profitability?

Heuch’s dehumidifiers can reduce costly maintenance and machine downtimes by controlling humidity. Plus, these systems are energy efficient, leading to savings on your energy costs.

Does Heuch provide tailored industrial dehumidifier systems in Australia?

Yes, Heuch offers customised dehumidifier solutions based on the unique requirements of each client.

What does Heuch's programmed maintenance service for industrial dehumidifier systems include?

Heuch’s maintenance service ensures that the dehumidifiers continue to perform at their optimal capacity, prolonging the life of your units.

How does Heuch help the selection process for industrial dehumidifier systems in Australia?

Heuch’s team of experts can guide you in choosing the right dehumidifier system by considering your industry’s unique requirements, your facility’s size, and the degree of humidity control needed.