TERMODESİGN container Type with ice because it is the portable unit can move wherever you want, you can put or rent, to be portable gives you many advantages. The biggest advantage with cold storage and equipment necessary for you to maintain the ice is compact integrated design.

Allowing the transfer to the ice cold storage system, standard accessories in stainless coiled transmitters.
It can operate seamlessly in tropical conditions. It works quietly and efficiency is high. With the vertical type evaporator ice endlessly produces hygienic ice and can work 24 hours 365 days. The cooling equipment consists of high-quality equipment used in European norms.

Technical Information

Item: Specification:
Model Name MF-5T-20FT
Ice Capacity (Per Day) 5000 kg/24h
Ice Capacity (Per Hour) 208 kg/h
Cooling Capacity 33500 watt
Compressor Displacement 102,9 m3/h
Compressor Power 25 HP
Compressor Electric Power 17,9 kw/h
Compressor Absorbed Current 31 Amp
Compressor Type Semi Hermetic
Refrigerants R404
Dimensions (WxLxH) 2200 x 2450 x 5850 mm
Ice Discharge Outlet Size 710 mm
Room Temperature -5℃
Cooling Unit Capacity 3300 Watt
Insulation Type Sandwich Panel
Panel Surface PVC
Panel Thickness 80mm
Chassis Containerised
Weight ~4000 kg

Working Conditions

Item: Specification:
Water Type Fresh Water
Water Inlet Temperature 20 ℃
Outside Temperature 33 ℃
Condensation Temperature 43 ℃
Evaporation Temperature -22 ℃
Ice Thickness 1,8 – 2,2 mm
Required Water Pressure 1,5 Bar
Energy 380V / 50Hz / 3Ph