Flower should be rapidly cooled after harvesting, and kept at low temperatures, to preserve vase life. A very significant part of vase life is wasted by premature damages such as botrytis, dormancy, bent neck etc. Once the flowers are cut, they begin a continuously race to their senescence and death. Temperature is the single most important factor affecting flower life. Quick pre cooling reduces these physiological activities. It also reduces other metabolic activity and slows down the rate of opening of the flowers. Therefore, quickly reducing temperature by means of pre-cooling, starting directly after harvesting, is vital for the quality of the flowers.


Vacuum pre-cooling extracts heat from the produce by evaporating a little of the products own moisture, thus reducing its temperature.The system works also perfectly for pre-packed (not air tight) produce. It is ideal for cooling your produce & flowers directly after harvesting, and is the only real option for vacuum cooling packed products at airports, both on the departing and arrival side. Loads with different temperatures are all cooled down to the desired temperature level, without the risk of freezing.


  • Reduces respiration rates
  • Reduces growth of decaying micro-organisms
  • Reduces transpiration and moisture loss
  • Reduces ethylene release and increases tolerance to it
  • Reduces physical damage
  • Reduces waste of vase life during transportation and storage