Ripening rooms using controlled atmospheres are primarily focused around the ripening of exotic fruits such as bananas, avocados and citrus fruits. They can be dedicated to ripening only for maximum energy efficiency or a hybrid style for process cooling, storage and ripening within the one multi-use facility.

There are key areas that should be considered when considering the design of a ripening room.

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Close attention needs to be placed to good quality room installation and effective door sealing. Conventional cool room and freezer style doors suffer from very high rates of gas losses compared to the latest BG Door technologies. A little extra during the build stage ensures long term savings on gases and the maintenance of distribution equipment.

Consider buying the best quality and thickest insulation your budget can support. The measurement being the lowest Watts per square metre per degree (W/m2.k) of the finished building. Look for the lowest number. The benefits are found in more even temperature distribution profiles and reduced energy costs for the life of the building.

Effective and even circulation of air within the room is needed to provide cooling and heating effects to the product as well as securing correct distribution of ripening gasses around the whole room.

Ventilation is required for the release of excess carbon dioxide and the release of ripening gases at the appropriate moments.

There are many key decisions to be considered. Simplex or dedicated ripening rooms for one or many product types or hybrid rooms where ripening, produce cooling and storage can be achieved in one facility. The considerations are complex and need to consider the sweet spot for the initial capital cost and the ongoing operating costs.

New technologies developed and operating in the northern hemisphere offer significant short and longer term advantages when contemplating future operating costs.

Uniform temperature and gas distribution = uniform ripening!

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