In partnership with Nijssen, Heuch designs and manufactures walk-in climatised plant growth rooms for a wide range of applications  – e.g. germination rooms, tissue culture rooms, vernalisation rooms, GMO-research rooms and entomological research rooms. Our storage rooms offer optimal protection of your seeds.

In climate chambers, temperature, air humidity, CO2, light intensity, air movement and watering can be regulated extremely accurately. The control system enables you to continuously monitor and record various climatic conditions for guaranteed reproducibility.


Seed Germination Rooms are specifically designed to reach the optimum germination conditions for each crop. Available with a full range of options to suit your needs. Custom sizes guarantee the largest growth area within the available space.

  • Light systems integrated on Danish trolleys
  • Heating and cooling system developed for quick ramp by changing day and night
  • High humidity levels with Filacell® system for best germination
  • Horizontal airflow guarantees uniform temperature and humidity
  • High humidity ensures adequate moisture for seeds
  • Uniform light intensities enable consistent germination
  • Adjustable shelves or racks maximise germination options


Reliable in vitro propagation requires a controlled, sterile environment with optimal conditions. Since any configuration of airflow, light, and shelving is possible, our Tissue Culture Rooms will always meet your requirements.

  • Uniform airflow through pressurized sidewalls or upward from each shelf to prevent condensation
  • Adjustable shelving possibilities
  • Multi-tier design maximises available growth area
  • Lighting controlled for each individual shelf
  • Dimmable lighting for assimilation schedules and adjustable per PPF (µmol m-2 s-1)


Vernalisation Rooms are specifically designed for the artificial exposure of plants (or seeds) to low temperatures in order to stimulate flowering or to enhance seed production.

  • Multi-tier design maximises available growth area
  • Antibacterial coating prevent growth of bacteria and fungi
  • Air flow optimised by air turns
  • Lighting controlled for each individual shelf


We designs and develop GMO rooms for a wide range of applications. Our climate rooms have a high containment level (up to PKM-III) to ensure that research with genetically modified organisms and plant pathogens can be carried out safely.

  • Sluice room with under pressure system
  • Absolute filtering by HEPA filtering system
  • High containment levels up to PKM-III
  • Pressure regulations and control +/- 50Pa in the room


Entomology Chambers provide uniform environmental conditions for incubation and entomology experiments. Multiple optional accessories are available, allowing you to cost-effectively customise the unit according to your specific requirements.

  • Wide temperature and humidity range
  • Optional assimilation lighting to simulate day/night conditions
  • Robust materials to resist corrosive effects of acidic secretions


To preserve seed viability and quality, proper storage under controlled conditions is a prerequisite. Our Seed Storage Rooms with highest quality dehumidifiers offer optimal protection of your investment.

  • Temperature set to storage application (long term or medium term)
  • Low humidity’s +/- 30% humidity
  • Desiccant dryer systems
  • System redundancy to guarantee maximum operational reliability