We understand the unique challenges and requirements of equipment operating in the maritime departments of the Defence Force. Back in the 80’s we designed and commissioned the Heuch Utility Tricons. The Tricon was designed and conceived by Defence Force personnel and Heuch engineers to provide a simple rugged solution for fast deployment into remote areas. Heuch is proud to offer Haz-Area rated, marine grade off-shore cooling solutions.

Heuch has extensive experience building and maintaining HVAC-R systems for the marine environment and has provided robust solutions to off-shore oil rigs, container ships and coastal facilities.

Heuch can offer innovative solutions to your maritime project or can partner with others to provide Australian industry content.


We manufacture specialised containers including models for off-shore platform supply and re-supply. The containers are designed to be stacked on shore and then delivered to off-shore platforms on a revolving cycle.

Continuous refrigeration is provided whenever the container is connected to a suitable power supply. The flexible and forgiving capacity of the Heuch Coastal Tricons allows for seamless operation on either 50Hz and 60Hz power supplies from 3442 to 500 volts. This allows the containers to move between the 50Hz shore and platform based power systems to the 60Hz platform supply vessels (PSV) without a hitch.

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