Heuch has been supplying refrigeration, electronics and personnel cooling and environmental control to Defence Land Forces since 1970.  From major projects, such as the Jindalee Operational Radar Network (JORN) and DSTG’s Climate Test Chamber to -18°C tricons with on board diesel generator.

We have also provided comfort cooling to mobile command centres on 400hz only and specialise in providing innovative auxiliary cooling. Independent auxiliary cooling systems can be retrofit to existing vehicles to reduce engine run times and maintenance burdens.  These solutions can be offered off the shelf or custom designed to suit all military HVAC-R needs.


Here are some key projects we have worked on with the Australian Defence Force.

Self-powered with 48 hours standby capacity, the MARU (Mobile Autonomous Refrigeration Utiltiy) provides independent cooling and power in the harshest environments.

Built from Heuch’s solar cold chain technology, the MARU is air transportable, conforming to NATO 463L specifications and can be deployed and running in under ten minutes, with no special training or equipment required.

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This Environmental Test Chamber & associated equipment was designed, constructed, installed & commissioned by Heuch.

This Test Chamber was featured in a segment of ABC’s Catalyst program, presenting the Chambers use as a testing enviroment for Australian Defence Force uniforms.

You can read more about this project here.

Heuch manufacture a series of lightweight mobile air conditioning equipment, designed for Australian roads and ambient extremes.

Each component as been selected for its suitability to withstand the stresses found on off road vehicles used over rugged terrain.

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Heuch have been operating alongside the Australian Defence Force since 1970 and one of the many projects commissioned was the Heuch Utility Tricon.

The Heuch Utility Tricon is designed for flexible support of personnel in remote areas and can be tailored to cover a range of uses and requirements dependent upon use and environment.

The on-board 415-volt marine generator is powered by a Yammar 3 cylinder water cooled diesel engine direct coupled to an 11 kVA brushless alternator. The generator may be switched between providing power for the on-board refrigeration system or providing a useful 415 volts, 15 amp power outlet for other appliances and lighting.

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