Industrial Dryers and Industrial Dehumidifiers for Air and Gas

Heuch have an extensive range of Industrial Dryers and Dehumidifiers which are available in a wide range of variants including

  • Compressed Air or Gas Dryers
  • Low Pressure Air or Gas Dehumidifiers
  • Closed, recirculated and Open Loop process systems,
  • Open Drive, Semi-hermetic and Hermetic refrigeration systems,
  • High Temperature and Low Temperature processes,
  • High Pressure and Low Pressure Operations,
  • High ambient and Low Ambient Temperature environments,
  • Packaged and Factory tested or Split with site assembly and commissioning

The Heuch Industrial Dryers and Industrial Coolers for Air and Gas are engineered to provide variable cooling capacity up to their capacity limitations.

The units are generally supplied as a packaged systems for easy turnkey installation.

The air or water cooled, refrigerated units consist of all equipment, instrumentation and auxiliary components required for safe and functional operation.

The Heuch units are of a particularily robust design and utilise R134a refrigerants and compatible lubricating oils for efficient operation. The systems are of a durable, high strength construction that offers protection from extreme weather elements featuring welded steel, HDG bases, The units are controlled and monitored by a DDC or PLC  based temperature and safety control system..

Selections can be made from our standard range of heavy duty, industrial equipment or tailored to suit particular site requirements.


Our Dryers are suitable for a wide range of applications and have been successfully deployed in the following industries

  • Mining
  • Off-shore
  • Explosion proof
  • Hazardous area
  • Marine/Coastal
  • Transportable
  • Process
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Defence
  • Manufacturing
  • Filtrate,
  • Inert Gas,
  • Exothermic Gas,
  • Bio Gas,

Construction – Some of the benefits of our Drying range include

Welded Steel, Hot Dip Galvanised Base Frame
Zinc Alum or natural 316 S/S panel construction if applicable
Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers in larger capacity range
Plate Heat Exchangers in medium capacity range
2 Pack Epoxy finish (Zinc Alum only)
Accessible Hermetic compressor, depending on model, with suction cooled electric motor and high “flood back” tolerance. Optional open-drive compressor/motor format.
ABB PLC for unit control with HMI display for temperature and set point indication and other functions such as compressor minimum off time to prevent short cycling.
Modbus or Profibus comms depending upon unit selected
Mains power isolator with lockable door clutch.
24vac Control Circuit.
Ambient temperatures from 0°C to 50°C. (Alternate operating ranges can be accommodated)
Separate IP66 electrical enclosures for both Motor Start and PLC-Control components with hinged lockable doors.


Heuch Dryers – Document Control

Our Dryer designs draw on extensive field experience since 1971 in industries where reliability is paramount with long intervals between programmed maintenance opportunities.

When those maintenance opportunities arise or a need for more immediate action arises it is important that the unit includes facilities to support these actions. It’s the simple things like service and isolation valves, test points, secondary safety switches that enable quick and effective actions.

Base materials and protective finishes can be selected or altered to suit the local environment or process application.

Documentation formats can be adapted to suit project requirements. The Inspection Test Plan (ITP) or Manufacturers Data Report (MDR) includes:

  • PLC/DDC Factory Acceptance Test Report (FAT),
  • Unit Run & Pre-commissioning Test Report,
  • Unit Data Sheets,
  • Process test records,
  • Electrical Schematics,
  • Electrical Connection Diagram,
  • Electrical Enclosure Layouts,
  • Process Instrumentation Diagram (PID),
  • General Arrangement Drawing,
  • Foundation Drawing,
  • Installation Operation and Maintenance Manual.



  • Australian designed, assembled and tested in accordance with our ISO:9001-2008 Quality Assurance System for Australian conditions, Heuch can custom design & build Industrial Air & Gas Dryers and Coolers to service your industry or application. For more information contact us via email or call on (03) 9555 7755



Some of the other options for our Industrial Air & Gas Dryers and Coolers  ranges include

Power Supply :
including:  Hazardous Area, 690vac, 440vac, 415vac
Weather Proof External or Plant Room operation options
Cladding options for vessels including stainless steel, Zinc-Alum, natural aluminium, closed cell foam
Condensate Drain systems including float, timer, guillotine, alarms, isolations
Air and Water Cooled